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Men's Ministry

Men learn from peers. Men also learn from older men. In men’s ministry, men teach, model and encourage other men to be men.

Once every month, all the men of the church, college age and older, meet on Saturday morning and exhort each other to be sound in doctrine, sanctified in thought, biblical in motivation, wise in decision, edifying in speech, exemplary in conduct, humble in service, cooperative in teamwork, strong in principle and supportive in relationship.

Men learn the biblical priorities of loving God, loving their wives, loving their children, loving their work and maintaining proper balance. Men learn to be adoring worshippers of God, loving leaders of their wives, encouraging fathers, competent employees and dutiful citizens. 

Men learn to enjoy being men.

Book for Men's Ministry 2014-15

This year we will be reading through "Pastor to Pastor" by Erwin Lutzer.  
Chapter 1 is Avalilable here.


Books from Previous Years

With Christ in the School of Prayer (Complete Book)
В Школе Молитвы со Христом (Complete Book)