Sun, Aug 02, 2015
From Seemingly Tiny and Weak to Greatest and Most Influential
Matthew 13:31-33 by Mike Trofimenko
Series: The Parables of the Kingdom

In chapter 13 of the Gospel of Matthew Jesus begins to speak in parables. On the one hand, this was an act of judgement to further blind the Jews who have not believed, rejected, and even blasphemed against the Messiah. On the other hand, these parables served as a visual tool to let those who have ears, hear and see the plan of the Kingdom of Heaven that was at hand.

Nearly every Jew of that time was expecting the Messiah to come. This expectation was at least partially based on the Old Testament promises that were pointing to the King and the Kingdom which was to come. The Jews primarily expected both national and political sovereignty of Israel over the entire world. They knew that when the Messiah and King will come he will rule with the rod of iron and will free them from any political bondage. He will provide protection, freedom, peace, prosperity, and even health. The King was to punish and get rid of all enemies and establish true worship of YHWH over the entire earth.

When Jesus the Messiah, King of the Jews came to His own as promised, the nation of Israel did not except Him. Jewish leaders blasphemed against the Expected One. Many simply did not believe in Him. Most enjoyed watching Him do the miracles, but would not repent and submit to Him as their Lord and Savior. His appearance and further ministry, even at the point of His ascension seemed to be no greater than a mustard seed. 

Through parables in Matthew 13 Jesus revealed to His disciples the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven (13:11). He uttered things hidden since the foundation of the world (13:35). He spoke of the age between His first and second coming. 

Jesus introduced the Kingdom with the parables of ‘The Sower’ and ‘Tares of the Field’ pointing out that His message will not be accepted by everyone. There will be those who will reject the truth and they will live in the midst of those who will accept it. At this point, the disciples likely wondered where was the kingdom that was promised to them in the Old Testament. Where is the Kingdom’s complete dominion? Where is its massive size from shore to shore? The Lord made it clear. Just as a tiny mustard seed grows into a large plant even a tree, so will His Kingdom start off very small but eventually will be impossible to miss. Just like a small amount of leaven permeates the entire mass of dough, so will the kingdom of God permeate and influence the entire world. 

This Kingdom's growth is unstoppable and its power of influence affects the entire world. We are living in this stage of the Kingdom today. The Lord has been growing it through use of His body, the Church. Christianity has had enormous effect on the world. Only Lord know how much longer will it grow. The time will come when during the time of Tribulation the nation of Israel will repent. The Lord Jesus will then come and reign upon this earth in His full glory for a period of thousand years. The promises given to the nation of Israel will then be fulfilled in full.