Sun, Aug 18, 2013
Why Are You Worried?
Matthew 6:24-35 by Nial Gafurov
Series: The Sermon on the Mount

In the Sermon on the Mount our Lord again and again sets before us God’s standard of righteousness for those who desire to and belong to His kingdom. Inevitably the issue always comes down to what we are in our hearts. In ch. 6:25-34 Jesus addresses our view of daily necessities for our life. He knows that despite seeming unimportance of this subject what’s at stake is our worship of God (vs.24) and our spiritual fruitfulness (Lk 8:11-14). To liberate us from this sinful bondage of anxiety Jesus, first points directly at the root of the problem, which is lack of faith (vs.30), second He wants to generate in us a heart full of trust and faith in God. Faith that stems from intimate relationship with God and grounded in the promises and goodness of His character. Faith that will liberate us to seek first the kingdom and the righteousness of God (vs.33).

In this passage Jesus three times issues a command “do not worry” looking at different aspects of life after each time to prove the senselessness of anxiety.

In first instance Jesus directs our attention at creation, specifically, the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. Using a simple argument from lesser to greater He shows us how foolish it is on our part to worry and doubt God’s provision for us in things like food, drink and clothing. His point is simple, if God cares and provides for such insignificant creature who have no eternal value or purpose will He not much more provide those things for us. God has given us eternal life and eternal purpose, certainly He will provide for us in this life as well.

In the second instance Jesus directs our attention at the Gentiles. Those who do not have a personal saving relationship with God. Those who worship dumb idols who cannot hear or know their needs. They don’t know of a God who provides and cares for them. They live under a slogan, “LET US EAT AND DRINK, FOR TOMORROW WE DIE”.

On the other hand we have a Father who not only knows but is more than willing to provide for our needs. God who is will to put His own character on the line by promising, “all these things WILL be added to you” (vs.33). A God who in His grace all of our temporal needs in order to set us free to seek Him first.

In the third instance Jesus points future. Since we do not have any knowledge or control of tomorrow it is pointless for us to worry about it. Instead we are to trust God who controls today and tomorrow. We are to meet all the troubles of life at the moment they come to us with faith and dependance on God and He will provide His grace which is sufficient for us. But He will not supply us with grace today for the troubles of tomorrow.