Sun, Nov 18, 2018
Comparison, Consummation and Perfection
Hebrews 10:11-14 by Vincent Bradshaw
Series: The Book of Hebrews

The author argues brilliantly that the Old Testament sacrifices have ceased.  There are historical, logical and Scriptural proofs that the Law was only a shadow, and not the reality of the Gospel (10:1).  Historically, God had already shown that the Old Testament Temple ministry had ceased when the Temple veil rent from top to bottom once Christ died on the Cross (Matthew 27:51).  Logically, the writer constructed an airtight syllogism (3-part logical proof) that the Old Testament sacrifices were only reminders of, not removers of sin (10:1 – 4).  Scripturally, the writer proved from Psalm 40:6 – 8 that it was God’s will to replace the Old Testament sacrifices with Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross as the only sacrifice that can genuinely remove sin (10:5 – 7).  Up until this point, the writer’s focus has been mostly negative: against the Old Testament sacrifices.  In 10:11 – 14, the writer’s focus is positive, how Jesus’ sacrifice perfects the believer’s relationship and ongoing sanctification with God (10:14).

Hebrews 10:11 – 12 is a comparison.  Verses 11 – 12 are a final comparison of Jesus’ sacrifice with the animal sacrifices of the Old Testament.  Jesus’ sacrifice is infinitely better.  There are 4 aspects of the comparison: who, what, how often and whether they remain standing or sitting.  The writer presents a ridiculous scenario of many Old Testament priests offering the same animal sacrifices again and again while remaining standing and unable to sit down because the work is never complete (10:11).  In contrast, there is the one Priest Jesus, Who presents one sacrifice, never repeats it and sits down because there is nothing left to accomplish with respect to atonement.  It is finished:  Jesus completed in one sacrifice what the Temple sacrifices could never accomplish.  In one shot, Jesus has “perfected for all time” the ongoing sanctification that every believer now experiences (10:14).

Hebrews 10:13 – 14 present a consummation.  Now that Jesus has completed the atonement for all believers, what is left to do?  Jesus is currently doing two things, one as Eternal High Priest and one as Eternal High King.  As Priest, He is continuing to intercede for believers to bring them safely to heaven based on His completed sacrifice.  As a Priest, the atoning is finished, but the interceding based on the atonement is continuing.  As King, He is seated at the right hand of the Father’s Throne, waiting to reign as God’s chosen earthly Ruler.  As King, Jesus’ installation, or designation as the future Supreme Ruler on behalf of God is finished.  Jesus’ waiting (10:13) and interceding for all His people, before He comes to destroy the enemies of God and set up His worldwide Kingdom is continuing.  As the Messiah, the Ultimate Prophet, Eternal Priest and High King, Jesus has fully revealed God, completed atonement and sits installed and designated for future rule.  What remains is for Jesus to manifest Himself as God, gather all His people, and commence reigning for God by judging evil and establishing eternal righteousness.

As Ultimate Prophet, Eternal Priest and High King, Jesus is Finishing all things.