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Maks Vusik
Isaiah 6:1-5
GCS Sermons 2017
52 mins 51 secs
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Life consists of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and moments. Most of them are ordinary and yet few are life altering. Many great men of the Bible, who were mightily used by God, had defining moments that changed the trajectory of their lives. Abraham had a personal encounter with God (Gen. 12); Jacob wrestled with God (Gen. 32); Moses saw the burning bush (Ex. 3); Joshua encountered the Captain of the Host of the Lord (Josh. 5); Jeremiah was personally chosen and commissioned by God (Jer. 1); and Ezekiel saw the vision of God’s glory (Ezek. 1). Isaiah 6 records Isaiah’s defining moment, which took place in the year of king Uzziah’s death. King Uzziah became king at age of sixteen and reigned fifty-two years in Jerusalem. He was one of the few great kings of Judah, defined by his success as a warrior, builder, and inventor. The nation enjoyed prosperity and security as long as he was alive. But now he was dead. At this moment of uncertainty and turmoil, Isaiah saw THE KING sitting on a throne. There was no panic or chaos in heaven because the King was still on the throne. The vision of the sovereign and holy God transformed Isaiah and guided the rest of his life. We learn from Isaiah 6 that there is no more comforting truth than the sovereignty of God. Yahweh sits on the throne and governs every detail of history. Believers, on the one hand, can take absolute comfort in the sovereignty of God because nothing can, and nothing will, happen unless God brings it about. On the other hand, if God determined that something should happen, there is nothing we can do to change that. God’s sovereignty extends to both good and evil. We are not at the mercy of circumstances, or people, or the devil. No matter what we are going through in the present or will face in the future, God is still on the throne. Isaiah 6 also teaches that there is no more humbling truth than the holiness of God. The seraphim in the presence of God are constantly worshiping God for His holiness. The sinless, angelic beings do not dare to look directly at God as they humbly cover themselves. God’s holiness is His overarching attribute that defines His uniqueness. He is in a category all by Himself. In fact, holiness defines every other attribute of God because God’s love is holy, His wrath is holy, His justice is holy, and so on. When Isaiah beheld the holiness of God, he was only able to say, “Woe is me, for I am ruined!” Immediately he was aware of his own sinfulness and unworthiness before God. The light of God’s holiness exposed the sinfulness of Isaiah. Seeing the holy King, sitting on the throne, revealed Isaiah’s true condition. The holiness of God humbles sinner’s heart. Isaiah’s vision had lasting impact on him and his ministry as he spent the rest of his life proclaiming The Holy One of Israel. While an earthly king was dead, THE KING was still sitting on the throne. Seeing that King made all the difference. Have you seen THE KING???