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In this epistle, Peter writes to believers under severe persecution. Unbelievers mocked and slandered them because of their faith in Christ. Christ commissioned Peter to tend His flock through these difficult times. Peter shepherds these believers by focusing their minds on their relationship with God and the future grace that will be brought to them at the revelation of Jesus Christ. He also instructs them on how they are to persevere in their day-to-day lives. Starting in 2:11 and continuing through 3:12, Peter calls them to excellent behavior among the Gentiles. Peter concludes this section, 2:11-3:12, starting in 3:8 with the phrase “to sum up” and focuses on those “who desire to love life and see good days” (v. 10). Despite their difficult situation, Christ shows believers how they can love and be satisfied with life.

First, is the believer's attitude toward other believers and toward those who are persecuting him. This attitude consists of five virtues (harmony, sympathy, brotherliness, kindheartedness and humility of spirit). Attaining a good life is about the condition of the heart and not one’s outer circumstances.

Second, is a right response. A believer must have a right attitude, which manifests itself in a right response. This response does not reciprocate evil or revile in return but gives a blessing instead. This response is grounded in the fact that believers themselves received mercy instead of wrath. They were given grace instead of judgment.

Third, is a right motivation. In vv. 10-12, Peter quotes from Psalm 34 in order to show that these principles are grounded in Old Testament Scripture. And obedience to the Scriptures always brings blessing from God. David, the author of this psalm, himself suffered persecution and received great blessings when he did not pay back evil for evil. God Himself promises to attend to the prayers of those who adhere to this path of obedience.

A believer does not attain the good life through manipulation of external circumstances which God alone controls. A believer attains the good life the through manifestation of a Christlike spirit toward circumstances and people.