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Who received this letter? The author is writing to those who have turned their backs on Christ (12:25). They have accepted, openly or tacitly, the charges of Christ’s enemies: that He was a fake, a blasphemer and criminal who deserved capital punishment (Matthew 26:5). To rebuke them, the writer presents the essential glories of the Son of God, especially in verses 1-3. The recipients were rejecting the eternally perfect, God-Man Himself. Why does the writer present Christ as superior to angels? In 1:1-3, the writer presented Christ as the Ultimate Revelation of God, the Ultimate Inheritor of all things that are the Father’s and the Final Executor of all of God’s will. To those who were rejecting Christ, this claim may have seemed outrageous. Man is not a particularly impressive creature. If there was a creature fit to represent and enact the will of God, it would be angels. They cannot die (Luke 20:36); they are more powerful and much smarter than men (Isaiah 37:36; 2 Peter 2:11); they have direct access to God (Job 1:6) and serve Him very closely (Isaiah 6:2) and have been important agents in revealing the knowledge of God to humans (Galatians 3:19; Hebrews 2:2). The Old Testament even calls angels ‘sons of God’ (Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7). Angels cannot compare to Christ. Angels are impressive. However, they cannot compare to Christ. First, they cannot remove human sin by an atoning death (2:14). Angels cannot save. Therefore, they are ultimately useless to sinful humanity. Second, they cannot mediate. As sinless creatures, unfallen angels cannot relate to the temptations and weaknesses of human flesh. Christ can. As God very God in genuine human flesh, He can sympathize fully with human temptation and weakness, yet without sin (2:18; 4:15). Finally, angels cannot fully represent God. As powerful as they are, they are not God. Christ is. As God very God in genuine human flesh, Christ can bring the very essence of God down to a human level so that humans can relate and understand and have a relationship with God as never before. There can be no other legitimate Mediator between God and Man other than the Man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5). Christ will elevate redeemed man to His level. 7 Old Testament passages correspond Christ’s 7 primary excellencies. The excellencies of Christ do not rest upon human argument. The writer quotes 7 Old Testament passages (1:5-13) that correspond to the 7 primary excellencies of Christ from vv. 1:1-3. This heavy use of the Old Testament indicates that the hearers are primarily Jews. For them, the excellence of Christ is a fact from their Scriptures! There can be only One Mediator between God & man, the Man Christ Jesus!