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The Coming Super Power

The Gospel is by faith.  Jesus walked on the earth for 40 days after His resurrection (Acts 1:3).  He appeared to many, although some still doubted (Matthew 28:17).  He even appeared to over 500 people at one time (1 Corinthians 15:6)! The facts of Jesus’ resurrection were so clear that His enemies had to pay others to lie about the empty tomb (28:15).  There are two great spiritual truths here.  First, seeing is not believing.  If it were, then the disciples would not have doubted His resurrection when they saw Him in Galilee (28:17) and the Chief Priests and Pharisees would not have denied His resurrection when the tomb was empty.  One accepts truth through faith, and God grants faith to those who love Him so that they can accept the truth they would otherwise reject (Philippians 1:29).  Seeing is not believing.  In fact, believing is the beginning of seeing.  Moses stated that a person won’t believe or repent even if he sees One risen from the dead (Luke 16:31).  

The Gospel divides.  The other spiritual truth is that there are two types of people: those who accept the Gospel and those who don’t.  Those who believe vary in their faith.  The women accepted the angel’s message about Jesus’ resurrection even before they saw Him (28:8).  Their faith was great initially.  The disciples were a little slower to believe (Mark 16:11; Luke 24:11).  They even doubted later.  Their faith was slower to develop, but they had it.   This is not true of unbelievers.  The Chief Priests, Pharisees and guards all should have believed: none of them could deny the empty tomb.  However, the Chief Priest and Pharisees were evil and hated Jesus.  They were willing to lie, bribe and do anything to prevent people from believing.  They were pigs that Jesus said would reject the Gospel (Matthew 7:6).  On the other hand, the guards were indifferent.  They couldn’t deny the Resurrection, but could save themselves a lot of trouble if they took a small bribe and kept their mouths shut.  To them, personal comfort was more important than the Gospel.

Jesus will reign.  People can only delay judgment for so long.  Jesus gives His disciples a guarantee of worldwide dominion (Matthew 28:18-20).  Eventually, there will be an end to this age of spiritual indifference (28:20); the Church will be the Superpower of the Age to Come (26:64); and everyone will stand before Jesus in judgment (25:31).  Even believers will give an account of their ministry to Him (2 Corinthians 5:10)! Jesus can guarantee His eventual victory because all power belongs to Him, above and below (28:18).  Until He comes again, He gives power to His Church to make disciples and prepare people to face the Age to Come.  

Wield Jesus’ power!  Make disciples & prepare the world for the Coming Age!

Sun, Nov 01, 2015

The Coming Super Power