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A Farewell to Romans

Romans is the single greatest literary composition in history.  No single book has had a greater impact on human history and spirituality than the Bible.  Of the 66 books, no single book has had a greater impact than Romans.  The great preacher John MacArthur wrote: “Most, if not all, the great revivals and reformations in the history of the Church have been directly related to the Book of Romans.”   Prominent men of every era owe their conversion to Romans.  Aurelius Augustine, the greatest man of the early Church, repented in 386 AD after reading Romans 13:13-14.  Martin Luther, the greatest man of the Reformation, repented in 1515 AD after studying Romans 1:17 in Greek.  Many continue to repent today because of Romans.  

Romans was Paul’s special gift to the believers in Rome.  Rome is the greatest city the world has ever seen.  The church there had many beloved, gifted, faithful and famous followers (15:14; 16:19).  Nevertheless, Paul had not yet been there (1:10).  He longed to, but had not yet made it (1:11).  Paul was somewhat apologetic about that (1:13), but he explains in Chapter 15 that he was busy evangelizing in the east (15:19) and his priority was to proclaim the Gospel to those who had not yet heard (15:20).  Since the Roman church already had the Gospel, they were not his immediate priority.  However, it did not mean that they were not dear to Paul.  They were.  Therefore, instead of coming to Rome immediately, Paul gives them as a personal gift the greatest piece of writing ever.  Paul’s point was:  you don’t need me – the real power is in Scripture.  Therefore, if you love and obey Romans, you will have everything you need to grow, advance and convert believers for Christ.

Romans covers ever aspect of the Gospel.  Romans is the most comprehensive treatment of the Gospel anywhere.  It covers every aspect: the divine and the human; self-righteousness and faith righteousness; salvation and sanctification; the Jew and the Gentile; the theological and the practical and the past and the future.  Romans follows a 5 point outline:  Sin, man’s need of righteousness (1:1-3:20); Salvation, God’s provision of righteousness (3:21-5:21); Sanctification & Security, man’s walking in righteousness (6:1-8:39); Sovereignty, God’s faithfulness to the nation Israel (9:11-11:36) and Service, man’s work for the Kingdom of God (12:1-16:27).  Every Bible book is about the Gospel, but none is as complete as Romans.

Romans is about the God’s glory.  All glory belongs to God, and He shares it with no one.  God said: “I am YHWH, that is My Name; I will not give my glory to another” (Isaiah 42:8).   Therefore, when all is said and done, when Paul pens the last verse, he gives all the glory to God: “to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be the glory forever.  Amen” (16:27).

Never say goodbye to Romans!  

Love it, review it, memorize it and gain new spiritual strength!

Sun, Oct 11, 2015

A Farewell to Romans