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Finishing With The Gospel

Paul’s entire life was the Gospel.  Romans focuses on the Gospel from the first verse.   In it, Paul describes Himself as  “set apart for the Gospel of God” (1:1).   He goes on to the say that this Gospel was “promised beforehand (previously) through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures” (1:2).  In other words, what God had promised and prophesied of in the Old Testament, was now fully manifested and established in Christ.  As a Gospel minister, Paul was advancing God’s eternal plan in Christ.  

All of Romans is about the Gospel.  Romans Chapters 1 - 3 is about sin and mankind’s need of the Gospel; Chapters 3 -5 is about how God met this need, and provided a righteousness for man that he did not have through the Gospel; Chapters 6 - 8 is about how this Gospel righteousness conquers sin, even in this life, making our eternity with God secure; Chapters 9-11 is how this Gospel righteousness will eventually deliver the nation Israel, and Chapters 12-16 is how those who have the Gospel live from day to day.  From beginning to end, Romans is about the Gospel.  It is no surprise that Romans ends with the Gospel.

Romans 16:21-27 reveals 4 key blessings of the Gospel.  First, the Gospel brings together the family of God - those who would have nothing to do with each other otherwise.  In16:21-23, Timothy, Lucius, Jason and Sosipater are Jews; Tertius, Gaius, Erastus and Quartus are not.  Jason, Gaius and Erastus are men of means and rank; Tertius and Quartus are slaves.  This diversity boggles the mind: this is the Gospel.

The Gospel is the key to God’s grace.  Men are sinful, weak and needy.  None of us could survive without God’s unmerited favor.  Paul prays down the grace of God upon all believers in Rome: “The grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen” (16:24).  He had just prayed that in v. 20.  Paul has a point in praying for God’s grace over and over: believers are in constant need of God’s grace.

The Gospel is the key to spiritual strength.  Paul says that God is able to strengthen believers:  “according to my Gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ” (16:25).  God strengthens His children, but only through the Gospel.  The Gospel is the key to living and accomplishing things for God.  It is to be preached; is centered on Christ; is now fully manifested, and brings people into relationship with God from all nations (16:25-26).

The Gospel glorifies God for His wisdom.  Only God could make criminals into saints, and do so with no sacrifice of His holiness and justice.  God is wise, and the Gospel glorifies Him for His wisdom (16:27).

Praise God for His Gospel!  Live it, preach it, spread it, obey it, enjoy it!

Sun, Sep 27, 2015

Finishing With The Gospel