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Family Worship

  • by Donald S. Whitney
Family Worship

The book “Family Worship” by D. Whitney is a call for families to worship at home. It is a simple guide on how to get started and how to develop a daily habit of Christian worship in the home. The book is simple, encouraging and yet educational.

This book is encouraging: In just five short chapters, the author encourages his readers to develop home worship by bringing examples from church history, by providing a simple plan for busy families to follow, by identifying common difficulties that arise and by stressing the importance of consistency of this worthy practice of worship at home. It is impossible to read this book and be discouraged. Whitney does not motivate the reader by using the “guilt tactic,” but on the contrary, encourages to start family worship even if it is only for 10 minutes a day. If your family is lacking in this area, this book will be a great tool for you. Start where you are, but start today.

This book is realistic: Three simple components of worship proposed by the author are, Bible reading, singing and praying. Whitney doesn’t promise the easy way of getting started, but he encourages families to begin worship at home regardless of the difficulties or the lack of preparation because it will be pleasing to God. “The same Father who gave you the gospel and who drew you to Christ will strengthen you by his Spirit to put on this badge of godly manhood” (65).