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Knowing God

  • by J. I. Packer
Knowing God

Originally written as articles for the Evangelical Magazine to help the church know and experience God deeper, these articles were later published in the book under the title of “Knowing God.” More than forty years later this book is still considered one of the best on the topic of God. According to R. C. Sproul “Knowing God” is “a masterpiece by a master theologian.”

The book breaks up into three sections. The first section is a call to know God. The second section covers the multiple doctrines on the character of God. The last section shows the realities of knowing this holy God of all creation. The book ends focusing on Christ, who is the summation of God’s truth and our only High Priest.

The whole purpose of the book is to grow the knowledge about God into the knowledge of God. The knowledge of theology proper does not necessarily mean such theology will produce a proper devotion to God. Packer says, “One can know a great deal about God and Godliness without much knowledge of him” (26). Many, as Packer says, are going to theological classes with a desire to know more about God instead of knowing God personally, and this results in a lifeless scholar of correct doctrine. With all that knowledge, dullness in relationship with God is not a rare phenomenon among Christians. This happens, according to Packer, because many Christians do not clearly see God through the pages of the Scripture because of the fog of Christian terminology and lack of true understanding of who God is. The goal of this book then, is to stir up hunger and love for the true knowledge of the most blessed Person in the universe. In a very engaging way, Packer pushes the reader to a new territory of God’s knowledge. The book is nothing less than systematic lessons concerning God, but unlike many systematic theology books, this one brings God into the practical life of the reader. As you pick up this book it will be hard for you to put it down. Seeing that it was written by someone who walked with God and who loved Him deeply, makes this book all the more exceptional.